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Judicial Department

Judicial Department

The high reputation of the judicial department of the Ukrainian law group "Optima" is based on the successful resolution of complex of disputes of various law character.

Extensive professional experience, high level of professional competence, and workaholism of the Judicial Department, allows our law firm provide a comfortable solution to the client, both at the pre-trial settlement of the dispute, and the successful outcome of the case in the international commercial arbitration court.

The judicial practise of our law firm includes national and international disputes in real estate, investment and capital, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, energy and industry, insurance and finance, construction, telecommunications, transportation, banking issues and property rights.


  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes

    Pre-trial settlement of disputes in many cases allows to decide a legal dispute without resorting to coercive measures. It should be noted that according to Ukrainian legislation, the subject, who believes that his rights have been violated, not deprived of the right go to court without first filing a claim. Yet, much of the dispute is solved exactly at the stage of pre-trial settlement as the result of a balanced understanding of the legal validity of claims. Therefore recommend the use of a voluntary settlement of disputes.


             Lawyers of the Law Firm "Optima" will analyze your situation and documents, legal perspectives of the case, will offer ways to solve the problem, will negotiate with the counterparty, and will qualitative make and submit a claim, objection, correctly basing your requirements and incentives, will make a settlement agreement.

  • Mediation

    Mediation is well manifested itself in such legal relations as corporate, labor, commercial, family and other disputes. At the same time, this method is inefficient in disputes with state authorities and local self-government


             Why you should trust to the professionals :


    Your controversial situation will be analized by an experienced attorney and you will get a consultation for legal compliance.


    You will be  confident, that the solution meets with all the requirements of the law and does not violate the rights of other parties.


    The mediator not only has a good legal education, but also a great experience in resolving disputes (both through litigation and through negotiations) to determine, first of all, the interests of the parties;


    All information about the dispute will remain confidential.


    The mediator is independent, neutral and not biased towards the sides.

  • Economic disputes

    Professional help in the regulation of commercial disputes and a wide range of services in this industry:


    legal analysis of the problem, legal advice on the dispute;


    assistance in the preparation of the evidence base;


    negotiations with the other party of the dispute ;


    development strategy of the trial, the legal position;


    identification and assistance in choosing the jurisdiction (of venue) the dispute;


    drafting, filing a claim for legal action, to review the claim;


    drafting, filing of applications for interim relief, providing evidence, abeyancy, closing of the case;


    assist in the appointment and conduction of judicial review;


    representation in court proceedings;


    appeal of court decisions (when necessary);


    drawing up the settlement agreement;


    support the enforcement of the judgment.

  • Civil disputes

    Our experience in resolving of civil disputes includes:


    property rights disputes: the recognition of property rights, reclaim property from unlawful possession, removal of obstacles in the use of another's property;


    labor disputes: on the procedure of the adoption at work, with the dismissal from the work (including non-residents), combining the functions and positions, transfer to another office/place of work;


    housing disputes: settlement/evict from the living space, the  division/ separation of a natural part from a cooperative (common, share) property, disputes in the conclusion, breach of contracts of sale, gift, life maintenance, mines, housing rents, the debate about the right of use residential property of the state and municipal property, establish procedures for use of premises;


    land disputes: in the process of obtaining permission to draft a land allotment , the appeal of the decisions of state bodies and local self-government in the process of registration of ownership of land, changing the purpose of land, the establishment of procedures for the use, land easement, the establishment of the farm activity, and others.


    family law: marriage (including with/between non-residents), annulment of the marriage, divorce, property division, the conclusion of the marriage agreement, charge, levy, increase/decrease the amount of maintenance, deprivation/renewal of parental rights;


    insurance dispute : collecting insurance reimbursement, challenging of the refusal to pay the insurance compensation (Civil Responsibility Insurance, comprehensive insurance), the insurance indemnity, recovery of financial loss/non-pecuniary damage


    termination of the insurance contract;


    banking debate: invalidation of credit and security agreements (mortgage, guarantee), the recognition of executive note of a notary unliable to execution, reducing the interest rate, challenging the size of accumulated debt, the protection of the debtor's property, challenging the ban on travel abroad;


    inheritance disputes: the recognition of the right of inheritance (of the inheritance), the continuation of the line for the inheritance, the recognition of the will invalid, finding relationships, establishing of a person dead;


    consumer disputes: in the process of return/exchange goods of inadequate quality, reduced value of the goods on consumer lending;


    contract/pre-contract arising in the process of signing/execution of all types of civil contracts;


    damages/non-pecuniary damage

  • Administrative disputes

    Administrative disputes refers to the disputes of a public law nature, which are resolved by the administrative courts (district or local) in order to protect the rights and interests of individuals and legal persons from violations by state and local governments, as well as from their officers and officials. The most common category of  administrative disputes in our practice relating to:


    Tax ratios: administrative and judicial appeals of tax decisions( tax notices, decisions, decisions on the application of penalties (financial sanctions), the protection of the defendant in actions for the recovery of tax arrears;


    Appeals against decisions of regulatory authorities (including permits, customs, prosecutors);


    Appeals against decisions of BTI on real estate;


    Receiving, passing, firing people from a public service;

  • International Commercial Arbitration Court