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Private consulting

Private consulting

The high degree of  customer confidence to the law company "Ukrainian Law Group" Optima "shows us by the trust of individuals.

Private consulting department of our law firm provides legal support for private customers in the issues of assets, capital, property rights, family relations and the settlement of disputes in strict confidence, and applying an individual approach to each client.

Ensuring competent solution of particular problems of law character, our law firm offers the best available options and solutions to its customers, thus enabling them ability of personal and social comfort. Our lawyers provide legal protection as family, property and social and political interests of the client.


  • Obtain of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

    The procedure for obtaining of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine is implemented as follows:

    1. Natural person provides a work permit in Ukraine into the Ukrainian Embassy in the country of his nationality, and draws up a visa of D type (working visa);
    2. After that, an individual needs to enter the territory of Ukraine for registration of a temporary residence permit on the territory of Ukraine.

    It will be necessary to register an official place of residence of a person on the territory of Ukraine as well as the official registration should be indicated in the permit for temporary residence in the territory of Ukraine.

    Also a prerequisite for obtaining of a residence permit is an assignment of the individual number of tax payer.

  • Obtaining of a work permit for foreigner in Ukraine

    The procedure and the order of issuing of work permits

    1. Submission of data on vacancies in the relevant regional employment offices.

    2. The employer shall submit to the employment service set of documents. Documents provided by the company are considered within 15 days.

    3. After adopting of decision Employment Service prepares a formal order, within 3 days passes it to the employer, and also publishes on its own Internet portal.

    4. The employer shall transfer to the account of the Fund of social insurance of Ukraine against unemployment fee 4 minimum wages, which are listed in the budget of the Fund of obligatory social insurance against unemployment.

    We provide a procedure for obtaining of work permits for foreigner in Ukraine on a "turnkey" (with getting of all references).

  • Divorcement

    In divorce proceedings, our lawyers provide the following services:


    advice on divorce case;


    compilation of statements in the body of Civil Registration Office;


    drawing up the statement of claim to the court;


    conducting divorce proceedings in court;


    assistance in the process of division of property;




    annulment of the marriage;


    termination of the marriage contract, etc.

  • Division of property

    Divorce is usually accompanied by the process of division of property, as spouses do not just stop personal relationships, but also property relationships. However, spouses may also divide the property before marriage or unmarried, enter into a marriage contract. Our lawyers provide expert legal advice on the stage of approval and signing of the marriage contract, will make its project, which will help avoid the significant risks in the future.


    It should be noted that to the devision is subject not all property of the parties, only jointly acquired, which may belong to the right of common or joint ownership. The property is owned by the right of ownership of one of the spouses (acquired before the marriage or on the own money of one of spouse received as a gift, etc.) can not be divided. Accordingly, the right of ownership regime depends on the procedure of the section. Our law firm will help to protect in the court the property rights of a spouse by recognizing the property rights of a spouse to the property (if it was acquired in marriage), the allocation to the nature of the co-ownership, the definition of spouse in the size of the joint estate.

  • Inheritance
  • Legitimation, commissioning of real estate

    Services associated with the commissioning of the construction of real estate, namely, new buildings, finish buildings, renovated, converted and restored sites of real estate.


    Our practice in this area are:


    registration of the declaration of readiness of the object with the Inspectorate (GASK);


    approval of the act of commissioning of the facility and obtaining of a certificate of conformity of the object (in the inspection of GASK);


    legalization of uncontrolled buildings

  • Legal support of transaction with real estate