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Real Estate

Department of Real Estate Lawyers provide competent and professional assistance in the questions of construction, real estate and land projects, both in the context of the national legal framework, as well as in external transactions.

High professionalism of the company's lawyers and extensive experience let to ensure maximum involvement in every single project Real Estate industry and ensure the proper execution of his.


Experience in legal support of development projects will provide customers with maximum legal company in matters relating to corporate law, tax obligations, investment and regulatory issues in the draft Real Estate. Our expertise - is the key to your abilities.



  • Financing of construction

    Our law firm provides a broad range of services in the field of legal support in the construction of the mechanism of financing of construction:


    counseling and assistance in determining of the mechanism of financing of the construction;


    legal expertise and joint development with banks of schemes of raising funds;


    assistance in the establishment (registration) of a financial trustee institution of the CFF;


    legal support and registration of changes in the CFF ;


    establishing of the legal base of activity of the CFF (internal documents - rules CFFf) ;


    preparation of contract between the manager and the developer;


    development of contracts with investors and others;

  • Registration of property rights

    registration of title to real estate. The service registration of ownership applies to the following objects:


    Living Area:

    - housing (residential, garden);

    - apartments.

    Non-residential premises.

    Garages and parking lots.


    The service of registration of ownership right includes:


    - providing legal advice;

    - assistance in the preparation and verification of documents;

    - support of the registration process;

    - giving the customer a title document on the state registration of property rights.

  • Legal support of transactions with commercial real estate

    Deals with commercial real estate typically require non-standard approach, a clear structurization and substantiate optimization. The implementation of a development project often requires more than just high cost and effort, but also time and patience. This applies more to the investment in the construction of commercial real estate. Often, the refinancing and change of ownership is happened before the completion of such projects, but each of these steps required a complex legal - economic support.


    Transactions with commercial real estate should be divided into a deal with the change of ownership, without such a transition and transactions in which is required to get the right of property in the future. The first one can be standard (purchase and sale) and mixed (consisting of different legal structures). The lease contract does not provide for the transfer of ownership. As for the third type of contract, it is the contract of participation in the funds of financing of the construction, purchase and sale of securities and other forms of investment.


    Our law firm has experience in developing and implementing of various transactions with commercial real estate, given the goals of the client, regime of real estate, financing sources and other significant conditions. Therefore, a law firm may be an essential tool in conducting of transactions with commercial real estate of any complexity.

  • Legal support of the management and operation of real estate

    Our law firm provides legal assistance in organizing the transfer of the facility to the management, by developing a suitable form of the transfer. In particular, it may be:


    trust management agreement;


    rent, suggesting the possibility of transferring object to sublet;


    service contract;


    agency contract;


    joint venture agreement and etc.;

  • Land projects

    Legal Services in land issues:


    oral and written consultations;


    legal support of transactions with land plots: rent, sale, gift, pledge (mortgage), etc.;


    assistance in drafting and registration of land rights as a legacy;


    legal analysis of the land on which performed rights and land projects;


    change the purpose of land;


    the right to use the land, etc.;


    land disputes;