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Retail trade (retail) has always been one of the most popular types of business, and with the development of economy market in Ukraine, has gained a strong position in the market of our country.

Listening to the current market trends and the needs of our customers, Ukrainian Legal Group "Optima" having accumulated the experience and practices of leading lawyers and accountants of this trend, has created a separate department in the company, which is specialized on legal and accounting servicing of retail trading of domestic and foreign entities.


  • Legal support of retail (subscription service)

    Includes the entire range of legal services:


    developing the necessary internal legal documentation of the company;


    preparation of applications, letters, claims, responses to requests of public authorities;


    representing clients in government agencies (tax, customs, fire safety, etc.), non-governmental structures, vessels;


    Consultancy in oral and written form on the issue about economic activities;


    preparation of competent drafts of contracts, coordination with contractors;


    preparation and drafting of staffing documentation, registration of new employees;


    contestation of actions state regulatory agencies during inspections, acceptance of their actions not legal.

  • Accounting services of the object of the retail trading

    It has its own characteristics and includes the following services:

    maintain of accounting and tax accounting;


    calculation and payment of all required amounts of taxes and fees;


    formation and submission of required reports;


    calculation of staff payroll;


    calculation of the cash limit, maintaining of the cash book;


    the introduction of the primary documentation in 1C;


    timely issue of the primary outgoing documents;


    registration of the tax bills in the Unified Social Register;


    analysis and processing of primary documents;


    registration of business operations.

  • Opening a store of retail trading on "turnkey"

    The specified service includes not only getting of permits and registrations required for the opening of retail outlets, but also an additional required help:


    approval and signing of the rental agreement;


    obtaining a permission from the sanitary- epidemiological service of Ukraine ( SES) for placing of the outlets;


    registration of the declaration of the material and technical base of the enterprise in the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies (fire safety);


    obtaining of a trade patent on the basis of which will be realized trading;


    registration of the cash register in the State Tax Service of Ukraine;


    provision of posting of the necessary information on the trading floor, the provisions, regulations in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

  • Legal services at the stage of creation of a business

    At the stage of «Start up» Ukrainian Legal Group "Optima" helps to clients to develop an individual project of opening a business in Ukraine and its implementation, taking into account the investor's ownership structure, corporate relations, his financial capacity and business profile. The company also provides consultations on the possible forms of business organization, help in choosing of the optimal schemes of work, taxation systems, and provides the following services:


    registration of a new company or a foreign company in Ukraine;


    placing a new company on the register in the tax service, the Pension Fund of Ukraine and other state social funds;


    assistance in opening of account;


    receipt of a stamp.