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Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting

Lawyers and auditors of Tax Consulting from Ukrainian Law Group "Optima" based on its substantial experience in national and international legal field, using deep knowledge and practical skills, provide customers  the most competent decisions related to issues in tax planning and resolution of tax disputes.

A distinctive feature of our law firm is the development, implementation and monitoring of the processes and mechanisms of tax regulations for the client company, not just the development of recommendations. We guarantee a positive result for the client of the law firm and  achieve it in the required time.

Many clients of our law firm working with us in matters of accounting and taxation, giving us the process of auditing and accounting outsourcing.


  • Tax optimization on reducing of the tax weighting on businesses

    Tax optimization - it's a reduction of tax payments, by the use of special financial mechanisms, creation of the most effective schemes and contractual relationships in order to increase the company's cash flow by minimizing tax payments.


    Tax optimization - is a legal way to circumvent taxes.


    When designing schemes of minimization our experts uses techniques like perspective and current tax minimization.


    The main ways to minimize tax payments of tax planning are:


    1. Identification and effective application of accounting policies.


    2. The use of tax incentives.


    3. The use of special tax regimes, in particular the simplified system of taxation.


    4. Selection of the required form of the contract, which will minimize taxes, as well as to justify the use of tax benefits of the transaction.


    5. Control over the timing of the payment of taxes. Violation of the tax payment deadlines entails the charging of appropriate penalties.


    In modern conditions, tax optimization has become an integral part of business, the type of financial and management activities, and should primarily be aimed at improving the efficiency of financial and economic activity.

  • Tax consultancy

    tax consulting;


    consultations on choosing the optimal tax system;


    tax planning.


    tax consulting, also includes and covers related areas of consulting, such as legal, accounting, bookkeeping, and questions regarding follows:


    taxation of real estate operations and investment activities;


    taxation on foreign operations;


    taxation on operations with financial assets;


    terms of international treaties in order to avoid double taxation;


    taxation of trade transactions;


    taxation of transactions in financial assets;


    clarification of the legislation on taxation.


    Also, a special attention deserves operations with non-residents, as well as transactions that fall under the special tax regime.

  • Drafting of tax returns and financial statements

    Package of services for accounting and tax services, including:


    control of compilation of source documents;


    analysis and processing of data displayed in the primary documents;


    timely recording of transactions on the basis of primary documents;


    scrip calculation appropriate to pay taxes in Ukraine into the State Budget and mandatory payments to the state trust funds, including payments related to wages of employees of the Customer in Ukraine;


    monitoring the performance of a business entity;


    advisory services relating to the filling of primary documents and registration of business operations;


    advisory services on all matters relating to the accounting and tax accounting;


    the organization of the tax preparation and other reporting and support of its submission to the relevant authorities;


    personnel records.


    Statements of an entity allows effectively manage the production, to predict the direction of business development, to evaluate the relationship with customers and suppliers.

  • Support of inspections

    The results of the tax audit is the basis for the formation of tax decision notice for the business entity by departments of the Ministry of Income, accrual of penalties, as well as attracting business entity to administrative and other responsibilities.


    The experts of " Ukrainian Legal Group "Optima" carried  out legal and accounting tax audits, as well as help to the business entities challenge the results of such inspections.


    Our experts, with deep experience in the industry, will help you to avoid the adverse effects of communication with the authorities on Ministry of Income.

  • Tax disputes

    One of the forms of the state control over economic activities of businesses is to verifying of compliance with these entities the requirments of tax and currency legislation, which is provided by specially authorized state body - the State Tax Administration of Ukraine.


    an important aspect of the relationship with regulators is a timely response to their decisions, which are taken on the basis of inspections.


    in order to resolve the dispute, depending on its stage, it is possible to initiate an appeal procedure:


    by filing an objection to a tax audit;


    challenge the tax demand-decision in the administrative order directly in the state tax service;


    by applying to the court with a claim on the abolition of the tax demand-decision.


    It should be noted that the use of one of the above methods of appeal does not deprive dissenting taxpayer the opportunity to use another one.


    Raising the tax liability in accordance with the procedure defined by the legislation. In this case, even a formal non-compliance of tax officials the tax control rules, in consequence of which were found  violations, may be grounds for cancellation of responsibility and protecting the rights of the taxpayer.