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Comprehensive legal services for companies

Comprehensive legal services for companies

Adjusted and legitimate decision - key elements for successful planning, development and maintaining of business. Operativeness of decision making is also plays an important role. Because in order to prevent/minimize the risks when making decisions by leadership required a truly qualified legal servicing.

Ukrainian Law Group "Optima" - law firm in Kyiv, which provides, inter alia, and the services of lawyers on complex legal servicing. What is the latest and in what cases it is indispensable, and other nuances related to such services, further in our publication.


Thus, a comprehensive legal servicing, - it's a legal qualified support of a particular structure, realized in the complex, for any and all legal matters. The implication support for all current cases of financial and economic activity of the company, the client company.


For whom such legal servicing is relevant? Firstly, it is in demand in companies who can not afford full-time legal professionals. Secondly, in such professionals require customers when the experience and qualification of own employees does not allow to solve the questions. Thirdly, the provision of legal services (Ukraine, Kiev, Optima) often demanded in the cases where its own legal department of a particular enterprise, for whatever reasons, is simply not cope with the volume of work. In such cases, it is the provision of legal services (Kiev, Ukrainian Law Group "Optima") can become a wizard, who will save the situation ...


What are the benefits of Ukrainian Law Group "Optima" for customers - a well-known law firm in Kiev? They are a lot, in fact. The most important of them are:


- guaranteed emergency legal aid (qualitative, timely, highly professional);

- fixed and reasonable monthly fee for rendered services of legal direction;

- availability of an extensive and diverse practical experience of experts, which boasts a law firm in Kyiv Ukrainian Law Group "Optima";

- ability to order both a one specialist and whole legal department for resolving of issues (it all depends from the scope of the problems);

- the absence of expenses for the maintenance of the state, and not at the expense of functionality.


An important advantage that distinguishes the complex legal service is the assignment of their payment to gross expenditure costs, ie similar services of lawyers, in accordance with the current legislation, is exempt from taxes.


Each company has its own llist of services, which is included in comprehensive legal services. Some limited list of several service units, in other - up to several tens. People knowledgeable, well aware that the breadth of services, is not a measure of success and the quality of the latter.


Legal practices of Ukrainian Law Group "Optima" is focus on the comprehensive support of customer's projects in jurisdictions such as:


- registration of companies, including joint-stock companies, as well as carrying out a similar procedure without the personal data;

- merger;

- opening of representative offices, branches;

- changes in the constituent documents;

- audit law;

- contract law.